Model Pest Control was established in the mid 70’s along with a company called Pest Control Technical & Educational Services, a training facility for new technicians seeking employment in the industry. Because of the superior work performed, Model Pest Control flourished.

We have continued the format of researching new ideas, techniques, and being in the lead for the pest control industry, always presenting our clients with the safest and best possible services available, thus the name “Model”.
We look forward to working with you to solve your pest control and lawn care problems.
Our Services Include: Pest Control (Interior, Perimeter), Lawn & Ornamental Pests, Mosquito Reduction, Lawn & Ornamental Care (Trees & Shrubs), Detailed fertilization programs, disease control, macro and minor element treatment, custom blended fertilizers, bud & root drenches, and Lethal Yellowing treatments for Palms.
We also provide lawn maintenance and landscaping services. Lawn maintenance includes cutting, trimming, edging and weeding of plant beds. Landscaping includes design and installation.

An Environmentally Friendly Company